Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot Shots and Hot Dogs

Bloody Hell !!! It's been more than 2 months since my last post. How time flies when you're doing other than watching, well listening, to the league every week.

So Jimmy's in, Darren's cut his finger and Iain organised a barbecue. Let's hope that following the Welling debacle, he was able to give a roasting also (not in the Carlton Cole sense obviously).

That combative midfielder to take the pressure off the defence has apparently arrived, although after being out of the country so long I've absolutely no idea whether Amady Faye will prove to be this person. Time will tell I guess. Between initially drafting this entry and today has passed ooh, about a week I guess and we've also signed Traore and Bolanos. I've read good reports of the latter from our 'friendly-goers' and he seems an exciting player, if we can find that balance in the middle of the park the we've the wingers and frontmen to cause damage.

So today I scanned the sports webpages and I now see Stevie no-forehead Gerrard is having his autobiography serialised... EH ??? I'm quite a fan of football biogs/autobiogs but only when the player HAS STOPPED BLOODY PLAYING !!! Rooney, Lampard and now Gerrard - Fuck off and at least try to be worthy of an autobiography. It's fast becoming my pet hate..... I just can't wait for the new season to start to take my mind off it, enough!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rearing its Ugly Head

I don't mean our new manager, I'm talking the petty jealousy of Simon 'Spandau' Jordon.

As I thought way back when, we have managed to entice Iain Dowie to The Valley and you know what? I'm fairly happy about it, in fact more than happy after hearing the press conference yesterday. I think the appointments of Reed and Robson show a very brave approach and I'm already feeling confident about next season; obviously though this will depend on the purchases made before then as today both Bothroyd and Chrissy Perry departed from our gates. 4 strikers and 1 defender have gone in the last week, that's a hefty hole we have without considering the defensive midfield priority we have.

One thing I've noticed about yesterday was both Richard Murray and Iain Dowie mentioning the words 'entertaing football', I guess that the last few seasons have taken their toll on everyone concerned. As Dowie mentioned, they are large shoes he finds himself stepping into but I honestly believe he'll do it. I'm not kidding myself expecting Champions League qualification but I do think we'll see more expansive football played next season.

Going back to my point of the 4 strikers disappearing, I've just got this feeling that he's maybe planning on playing Rommedahl as a striker; I've just got it in my head. For the right wing we've Thomas, Sam and if necessary Ambrose. I know at the moment the left lookks weak but if he plays Thomas there, as there's nothing worse for full-backs than a winger cutting in on his best foot, then I think Sam will get a chance. Ambrose possibly as the attcking midfielder and Romm and Bent forming a striking partnership - perhaps Dowie remembers THAT quality finish.

'Tis all for now, I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Off to Tuscany this weekend so I'll raise a (large) glass to you all and to Charlton, let's see what the summer brings eh.......

"He might be lightweight,
he might be a Dane,
but Rommedahl
has just scored again........."
Nah, I'll leave the songwriting to Morrissey.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hunting Head Honchos

Looking back at my last post I guess I sort of got my wish in that the endless rumours and doubts have now been put to bed and we're now in the market for a new manager.

Curbs - you are a Charlton legend, between you and the board you've got us to where we are now. You're a good man, an honest man and one that certainly deserves to go out with your head held high. Well done son, take a bow and look back on the last 15 years with a great deal of pride and satisfaction.

The new manager has a large shadow to step out of, I hope he manages to do so, I hope also that we, the fans, give him time to do so. I honestly don't feel instant rewards will be gained, in fact we could very well struggle a tad whilst the new broom is sweeping. I won't say the 'R' word because I still believe the core of the squad is too good for that, then again I didn't expect both Boro and Villa to be where they are in the league, although the UEFA Cup final for the former is an achievement even if they have spent a kings ransom over the last 10 years getting there.

Stevie Coppell will (surely) want see how the Reading team he built fare in the Prem, I'd be more than surprised if he didn't. Irrespective of the coaching badges Phil Parkinson has, I'm not convinced the senior members of the team will be sufficiently impressed to afford him the respect due. I fear the appointment of Mick McCarthy, more so if he brings Gary Breen with him. I'm plumping for Dowie, I don't think Palace will get to the play-off final and I reckon, if offered, he'd be tempted to come. I'd even allow him to bring that cheating, diving git Johnson with him if he so wished. Let us see what unfolds eh...............

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Charlton and the Sea

Not a plagiarism of the great Hemingway book.........

Saturday I was on the Ligurian coast (Celle Ligure - very nice, recommended) and I received updates via text of the Fulham match. For the first time in an age I really didn't give a toss - I can't explain why. I don't know whether it's the Curbishley situation, the loss against Boro or just end of season blues; I found my grilled squid and my wind-bitten walk along the seafront (bloody cold on Saturday) much more interesting and I've not felt like that for a long, long time, I put it down as a one-off. WRONG !!!

This afternoon we were coming back to Switzerland in the car and again, I was updated by text. Pompey 1-0 up. Oh really? Do you think I could feel at least in some part remotely upset / pissed off / a tad annoyed? No, again it was as if I'd received a message regarding Chester City or somesuch. Don't get me wrong, I'm over the moon we won (HH up front, nice one Curbs, worked a treat) but I'm also quite looking forward to the end of the season. I want this managerial roundabout bullshit out of the way and if it means we start the new season with a new manager, so be it.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

That's gone and done it

I was hoping Boro, sorry 'Boro, were going to pee all over my Swiss confederates (as in united in a confederacy - CH - Confederazione Helvetica) , concentrate on getting themselves up the table and leaving us to whoop their asses in the 1/4 final replay - Oh how wrong I was........

They've left themselves an Alpine foothill, OK, mountain to climb without the advantage of an way goal, or indeed snowshoes - it won't be easy. Pity because to me they are England's last bastion in Europe. "What about Arsenal" I hear you cry..... Nah, I dislike the fact that the Arsenal that played the other evening was NOT an English team. I personally couldn't give a toss about this years' Chumps League as Wengers policy does not represent English football. The only positive to come from Wenger's practice is the fact that we picked up Jerome Thomas (Bring it to Jerome) for £100K - Absolute bargain - merci monsieur ! The time has come to take your 11 imports over to your G14 superleague (18 members remember...); goodbye, au revoir, ciao e buona notte.

Oh before I forget, well done Charlton for the free coaches up to The Riverside.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Clappers and Begrudging Booers

Not only was I not there but I didn't even get to listen to the game yesterday, these bloody Sunday kick-offs completely balls-up my plans no end. Alas, couldn't be helped and I managed to see 10 minutes of highlights this evening on Valley Vision - great goal Scotty by the way, it was Southampton all over again but my first thought was why the hell did we give him so much room, he had an acre in front of him to shape and shoot. Apart from that, WELL DONE LADS !!!
Regarding young Parker I see he had an (obvious) mixed reception. Showed a good touch by putting his hand up to the North Stand by all accounts (Bowyer likewise). I was pissed off when (and how) he left us but it's all water under the bridge now, time to forgive and forget, especially when he ends the game on the losing side.

Good to see Bothroyd getting in on the act, if just for confidence' sake. I read a fair amount of views regarding the lad; many are not over-enamoured with him, laziness seemingly a trait of his. I don't think he's ever going to be in the 20-goal-a-season bracket but his build and height mean that we have a ready-made replacement for Bartlett. Just a thought...........

So, what's new? Absolutely bugger all, apart from the fact that SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. Saturday and Sunday both topped 20° which, given the long cold winter we've had this year, was an absolute gift. Another month should see t-shirt time arriving. I even venture into the mountains when there's no risk of freezing my arse off. Ski? Me? HaHaHa !!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Currently losing 3-0................

This is not easily listening, in fact it does become more difficult the less we seem to compete which I understand we're not, Steve Brown informs me so. It's not that I expected a different result but I do at least want to hear that the game has NOT been a stroll in the park for the Arse. Roll on Thursday; I would gift Arsenal another 3 goals for a CONVINCING victory against 'Boro - I'd prefer to continue this cup run.

Speaking of gifting goals and points, I wonder what the fallout will be later following the West Ham v. Portsmouth game - the Hammers are being hammered but what can you expect; how the hell can you justify the scheduling of their games? They will obviously prioritise and today they've fielded a weekend team, someone in the F.A. needs a kick up the arse. It now seems to be the authorities devaluing the most famous cup competition in the world.

Only one Thomas Mhyre.........